Electric Power Business

Offering a reasonably priced, stable supply of electric power through a combination of our efficient power generation and procurement from external sources.

The Group has been selling electric power produced at its in-house power generation facilities to external parties for over 20 years. Based on this abundant experience, we began retail sales of lowvoltage power in April 2016, coinciding with full deregulation of the low-voltage market.
We have developed a business model that combines electric power generation and sales to provide our customers with a long-term, stable supply of electric power.

Low voltage(houses, stores, offices, etc.)

With full deregulation of the low-voltage market in April 2016, we began providing electric power services, featuring straightforward, user-friendly rate plans, to households and small businesses. We are pursuing a broad range of sales by diversifying our sales channels, offering services under our own “my denki” brand as well as individual dealer brands.

As an energy company with operations firmly established in Japan, we offer electric power, an energy source essential for daily life, through our new business, my denki.

Note: The my denki website is available in Japanese only.


Ultra-high voltage and high voltage (factories, high-rise buildings, large commercial establishments, offices, etc.)

We have in-house electric power generation systems at all of our refineries, and our Kawasaki refinery has been selling surplus power to external parties since 1994. We utilized this abundant energy supply experience to begin sales of ultrahigh voltage electric power (over 20,000 volts), for use in factories, high-rise buildings, large commercial establishments, offices, etc.; and high-voltage electric power (over 6,000 volts) to corporate customers in October 2015.

Electric power generation initiatives

We are implementing projects for the development of power plants to ensure an economic, long-term, stable supply of electric power. Based on applicable laws and regulations, we are conducting environmental assessments for the construction of the Shimizu Natural Gas Power Plant (Shizuoka City, Shizuoka) and the Ichihara Thermal Power Plant (Ichihara City, Chiba). In our development of electric power sources, we are utilizing the latest technologies and other means to mitigate effects on the environment.