Refining & Manufacturing

Highly efficient production systems with the utmost attention to safety

The fundamental role of our production operations is to manufacture competitive petroleum and petrochemical products from the world’s optimum raw materials and feedstocks at our four refineries and other production facilities. With safety as our pre-eminent concern, we continue to pursue greater added value as we carry out our raw materials procurement and product export operations.
We also place great importance on environmental protection efforts, particularly our measures to mitigate climate change.

Kawasaki Refinery

At the Kawasaki refinery, located in the Keihin coastal industrial area adjacent to the Tokyo metropolitan area on a convenient land and sea transport site, TonenGeneral Sekiyu’s refining facilities and Tonen Chemical’spetrochemical plant, its main manufacturing facility, are organically linked to efficiently produce petroleum and petrochemical products through integrated operations. Our Kawasaki refinery is one of the largest refining facilities in Japan, with the country’s largest FCC (fluid catalytic cracker) and its only H-Oil (heavy oil cracking/desulfurization unit). It is also Tonen Chemical’s main production site.Ethylene and other petrochemical products manufactured here are supplied to various companies in the same industrial area via pipeline, and are also shipped to destinations both in Japan and overseas.

Sakai Refinery

The Sakai refinery is located in the Sakai-Senboku coastal industrial area in Osaka, the largest consumer market in western Japan. In addition to refining, this integrated site also manufactures chemical products such as paraxylene and propylene, and boasts one of the best energy efficiency ratings in the country. The refinery also generates synergies in the supply of products, feedstocks and utilities using pipelines connected with refineries of other companies in the same industrial area. The land shipping terminal, the largest of its kind in the Kansai area, has introduced Japan’s first bottom-loading system for better environmental protection, improved safety and faster loading.

Wakayama Refinery

The Wakayama refinery is located in a quiet residential district adjacent to the rich fishing waters of the Kii channel in a region known for its production of Arida tangerines. In these surroundings, the refinery maintains the highest level of operational safety with the utmost attention to environmental protection. The refinery, which has a long history, is an integrated production center for a number of petroleum products including gasoline, lubricants and aromatics in addition to specialty products such as aviation and automotive test fuels. Taking advantage of its large number of tanks and marine shipping facilities around an ideally situated harbor, the refinery significantly contributes to the domestic energy supply while responding flexibly to export needs.

Wakayama Refinery Lube Oil Blending Plant

This plant blends base oil produced at the Wakayama refinery with additives to produce lubricants, which it puts in drums, pails and other containers for shipment.

Chiba Refinery

The Chiba refinery, which aims to be one of Japan’s best and most internationally competitive refineries, is located in the center of the Keiyo coastal industrial area in the Kanto region, Japan’s largest consumer market.It plays an important role in maintaining a stable supply of petroleum products to the Kanto area. The refinery has the Group’s only RFCC (resid fluid catalytic cracker) and MPHC (mild pressure hydro cracker), and maintains efficient operations through alliances with adjacent refineries and chemical plants of industry partners. It is also one of the Group’s most important export bases.

Tsurumi Lube Oil Blending Plant

The Tsurumi lube oil blending plant is situated in northeast Yokohama, in the heart of the Keihin industrial zone, a prime location for product transport to the Tokyo metropolitan area, a major consumer market. It specializes in automotive and machine lubricants, with integrated operations from manufacture to delivery. Mobil 1™, a synthetic motor oil, is one of the key products shipped from here. In November 2015, the plant began manufacturing and shipping lubricant products on consignment from Cosmo Sekiyu Lubricants Co., Ltd.

NUC Kawasaki Plant

The NUC Kawasaki plant, located next to the TonenGeneral Kawasaki refinery, manufactures polyethylene resin from ethylene supplied by Tonen Chemical Corporation. The plant is also a center for the manufacture and sales of high-value-added products, particularly for use in wire and cable applications, and conducts research and development.

[Manufacturing process]Crude oil → Distillation column(Atmospheric pipestill) → LPG → Common petroleum products:・Fuel for portable gas stoves. ・Taxi fule ・Chemical feedstoks. Crude oil → Distillation column(Atmospheric pipestill) → Hydrodesulphurization unit, Catalytic reformer, Benzene extraction unit → Gasolin, maphoha, xylene, etc → Common petroleum products:・Automotive fule ・Chemical feedstocks. Crude oil → Distillation column(Atmospheric pipestill) → Kerosene/diesel hydrodesulfurization unit → Kerosene/jet → fuel Common petroleum products:・Fuel for kerosene heaters ・Jetfule. Crude oil → Distillation column(Atmospheric pipestill) → Kerosene/diesel hydrodesulfurization unit → Diesel Fuel oil A → fuel Common petroleum products:・Bus/truck fule ・Fuel for small marine vessels. Crude oil → Distillation column(Atmospheric pipestill) → Low-pressure → Fluid catalytic cracker (FCC) → Fuel oil C → fuel Common petroleum products:・industrial fuel ・Fuel for power generation ・Marine fuel. Crude oil → Distillation column(Atmospheric pipestill) → Vacuum pipestil → Heavy oil cracking/desulfurization unit (H-Oil) → Fuel oil C → fuel Common petroleum products:・industrial fuel ・Fuel for power generation ・Marine fuel.