Fuels Marketing

We offer a wide range of services that provide flexible support for our customers' needs and supply a variety of reliable products. We fully utilize the expertise gained over our history of more than 120 years to offer products and services of the highest quality to our customers under the theme "The One – on the road to being the best, chosen by customers, valued by customers".


The TonenGeneral Group’s business is supported by Esso, Mobil and General, its trusted brands. We carry out the same initiatives nationwide for these three brands to provide customers with a stable supply of quality petroleum products at reasonable prices. We lead the industry in the expansion of self-service stations, and we are working to enhance customer convenience through innovative offerings under the Express brand. We continue to operate our service stations with attention to environmental and safety considerations while accurately responding to the ever-changing needs of our customers.
Esso, Mobil, Synergy, Speedpass and Express are trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation, used under license.

Self-service Express brand

Our Express self-service stations operate under the concept of the quickest, easiest service in the cleanest, most comfortable facilities. For the further evolution of our brand value, we boost the tangible and intangible aspects of our services by enhancing sales promotion programs, improving customer service and ensuring cleanliness at our service stations.

Convenience of Express

We implement a range of initiatives to maintain and strengthen the top brand position of Express, which customers support more than any other brand.

Synergy Card

This personal-use credit card can be used at Esso, Mobil and General service stations. It provides a variety of special offers based on amount of purchases, including discounts on fuel and an annual fee waiver service.


A payment device that can be used at affiliated service stations. Refueling or car wash operations can be initiated by simply holding the device over the panel attached to the pump or car wash. It’s a fast and secure way to complete payments.

Express Wash

Express Wash is equipped with a uniformly-designed,
easy-to-use operation panel. The innovative drive-through car wash, based on a foam jet design, is highly acclaimed by customers.


We operate joint alliance sites with Seven-Eleven Japan, a top brand and leader in the convenience store industry.
These sites offer convenience to our customers while also creating a new brand image for self-service stations.

Video Pump

These fuel pumps feature high-luminance color LCD touch panels. The menu screen displays self-service operation guides and also enables car wash reservations or orders to Doutor Coffee Shops located on the same site.

Mobil 1 Center

At Mobil 1 Centers, professional service station staff provide quick and stress-free oil change service. Customers can choose from a variety of oils, including Mobil 1, our synthetic engine oil.

Doutor Coffee Shops

We operate complex sites with Doutor Coffee Shop, which has strong brand power. The sites provide customers with quality services and convenience, including original seasonal products and clean, appealing store environments.


We offer comprehensive support for customers’ automotive needs with our high-quality total car care services, which incorporate the expertise and technology of Esso, Mobil and General.

Industrial & wholesales

In our Industrial and Wholesales segment, we maintain solid partnerships of trust with our dealers, continuously adding value that is unique and matches their respective sales strategies, in addition to providing a stable supply of products at competitive prices. LP gas import and wholesale operations have been transferred to Gyxis Corporation, a LP gas distributor established on April 1, 2015.

We sell a wide range of products manufactured from crude oil through distribution channels other than service stations. For example, we supply diesel oil mainly to public transport operators and logistics companies. Kerosene and fuel oil A are now not only used for heating, but are more increasingly supplied to cogeneration systems at plants and hospitals. fuel oil C is used as a heat source for boilers at thermal power stations and plants and also as fuel for large marine vessels.

Marine fuel

We have supply bases in Tokyo and Osaka bays, Japan's two key bay areas. These bases provide a stable supply of high-grade fuels produced at the Group's adjacent refineries. Our quality control team strives to maintain consistent product quality.

Aviation fuel

The Group provides high-quality aviation fuels and customer services. Along with excellent airport operation, we supply aviation fuels, mainly jet fuel, to major Japanese and foreign airlines and public authorities.