Lubricants & Specialties

Consolidation of world-class technologies

In our Lubricants and Specialties segment, we sell automotive lubricants with world-class brand power earned through support of FORMULA 1TM and other initiatives. Other products include industrial lubricants recommended by major international machinery manufacturers, aviation and marine lubricants that have earned the trust of customers with a reliable support system, and base oil and specialty products manufactured and sold in cooperation with our refineries. Our Mobil 1TM automotive lubricant is used as a factory fill oil by leading international auto manufacturers.

High-grade oils

The Group offers an extensive lineup of oils produced and sold under license from ExxonMobil including the synthetic engine oil Mobil 1, to meet every need of our customers in automotive, industrial, aviation and marine applications

Automotive lubricants

MobilTM-brand lubricants supported technological evolution even before the first gasoline engine was invented. Mobil has played important roles in a number of famous historical events: the Wright brothers' first flight, space station launches and Formula One engines from the very first to the latest models. Mobil automotive lubricants meet the latest standards set by API (American Petroleum Institute), ILSAC (International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee), ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) and other organizations and protect engines effectively to help vehicles achieve the best performance in all situations from routine car maintenance to use in harsh conditions. Mobil 1, in particular, is a synthetic engine oil manufactured using high-performance base oil and advanced additive technology, and continues to be the oil of choice for customers around the world. In addition to the domestic sale of Mobil-brand automotive lubricants like Mobil 1, we are also involved in the joint development of next-generation products with major Japanese auto manufacturers to supply high-quality oils to better meet the latest needs of customers.

Industrial lubricants

Mobil-brand industrial lubricants have led lubricant technology for over 100 years. Our vast expertise and experience achieved through research in this field are used extensively to develop lubricants designed for advanced industrial machinery. Such lubricants make great contributions to improved equipment productivity and energy conservation.

Striving to improve productivity and conserve energy, we have created the synthetic lubricant Mobil SHCTM, using leading-edge technology. Mobil-brand industrial lubricants, which provide superior technological support and are recommended by major international machinery manufacturers, demonstrate their strong performance particularly in the manufacturing and electricity industries, including wind power generation.

Aviation and marine lubricants

Mobil /Exxon brand's high-grade aviation and marine lubricants are used throughout the world, and in Japan, quality service is provided to customers by the Group. We supply a wide variety of aviation lubricants, including engine oil, hydraulic oil and grease designed for aircraft. With a range of technical support to offer, we have earned the trust of customers all over the world. Our products, recommended by engine and airframe manufacturers, contribute to safe aircraft operation.

We supply domestic marine customers with a whole range of lubricants from engine oil and hydraulic oil to gear oil and grease. Our quality products and services, including synthetic oils that help reduce the total cost of vessel operation, meet the needs of our customers.

For international marine customers in Japan, the Group offers sales and technical support services through a strategic partnership with ExxonMobil, making a significant contribution to safe, efficient vessel operation.

Base oil/ Specialties

Through our strategic partnership with ExxonMobil, we produce high value-added specialty products using an advanced quality control system. We work with the refining department to ship wax products nationwide, while making active efforts to expand exports to global markets. We export base oils mainly to Asia via ExxonMobil's distribution channels.


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