Purchase and Transport of Raw Materials

Raw materials used by the Group are purchased and transported safely and efficiently to our four refineries in Japan from many regions, mainly the Middle East but also including Russia, West Africa, and North, Central and South America.

Diversification of procurement sources and in-house management of purchase and transport operations for flexibility in crude oil selection

In Japan, over 80% of crude oil imports are supplied by oilproducing countries in the Middle East. However, the TonenGeneral Group’s refineries use crude oil not only from the Middle East, but from many other regions as well, including Russia, West Africa, and North, Central and South America.
Diversifying our supply sources enables flexibility and stability in our procurement of crude oil, which can be selected on the basis of economic considerations, taking into account the market environment and conditions at our refining facilities. Fully utilizing our overseas sites, including our Singapore branch office, our representative offices in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, and TonenGeneral Americas, our local affiliate in the United States (Houston, Texas), for trading operations, such as crude oil procurement, vessel chartering, and product import and export, we continue to pursue diversification in our procurement of raw materials to achieve the best balance between economic feasibility and supply stability.