Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy Promotional Video

In this video, we introduce our slogan, “Think deeply. Shape the future.”, an expression of our committed action and corporate philosophy. We also present our solutions, which contribute to a brighter future.


For Society
Contribute to the development of a vibrant society by maintaining a stable supply of energy and high-quality products and services.
For the Environment
Make effective use of limited resources and seek to maintain a sustainable environment.
For Our Stakeholders
Create value that is chosen and appreciated by customers, employees, shareholders, business partners and local communities.


Safety, health and the environment (SHE) are fundamental values in our business operations. We offer safe, reliable products through safe manufacturing operations that mitigate effects on the environment, and maintain stable supplies.
Honesty, integrity and fairness are at the heart of our corporate culture, the foundation for our standard of absolute compliance in all of our operations. We adhere to relevant laws and regulations as well as social norms and corporate ethics, which we hold in the highest regard.
Focus on Customers
The utmost attention to customer needs is key to providing high-value solutions. We focus on user needs and convenience to create value that is chosen and appreciated by our customers.
Take on Challenges
We willingly take on new challenges, constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the times. We seek out new possibilities, taking the lead in offering innovative solutions.
Take Action
Keeping our core objectives in sight, we think of the most rational and efficient solutions, and take quick and thorough action. Our group earns the trust of society through the commitment of each and every one of our employees.
We have the greatest respect for the attributes and individuality of each person. In accordance with ongoing changes in society and the social climate, we seek diversity in our workforce to ensure a strong, productive organization where employees can fully develop their ingenuity and creativity, enabling us to achieve results in the most effective way.
We are engaged in ongoing efforts to improve our work environment so that our employees can fully develop their capabilities. The strong growth of our employees along with the growth of our corporate group is integral to the fulfillment of employee potential and our corporate mission.


Integrating the best from Japan and around the world, we offer unique solutions for a brighter future.

ENERGY SOLUTIONS Support for day-to-day life
We contribute to customers’ comfort and well-being by pursuing product convenience and economy through our energy mix, from manufacture to supply.
PRODUCT SOLUTIONS Creation of new value
In response to changing times and industry demands, we are working to develop the full potential of our products, services and technology to offer new value for the future.
We are working to achieve further efficiency and rationalization in processes and other areas to enhance your life and business for the future.


Think deeply. Shape the future.

We take pride in all we’ve done for today’s energy supply in Japan.
Where can we go from here to contribute to an even brighter future?
Thinking deeply, fueled by our commitment, we are mobilizing
our unique capabilities to offer unique solutions for tomorrow.
Shaping the future — the TonenGeneral Group.