TonenGeneral Group Figures

  • Commencement of operations in Japan
  • Consolidated net sales
    2,089billion yen
    Oil Segment 89%
  • Adjusted operating income
    90.6billion yen
    2016; Operating income excluding inventory effects, goodwill amortization, etc.
  • Number of employees
    Consolidated; as of 2016 end
  • Number of oil refineries
    4Kawasaki, Sakai, Wakayama, Chiba
    Total crude oil processing capacity 698 kbd (about 550,000 200-liter drums)
  • Number of service stations
    As of December end, 2016; oil product sales under the Esso, Mobil and General brands

TonenGeneral Group Features

Feature 1Outstanding management systems

The fundamental values of the TonenGeneral Group comprise seven elements, with “safety, health, and the environment” and “honesty, integrity, and fairness” at their core. To put these core values into practice, we employ various systems, including the Operations Integrity Management System and the Loss Prevention System to maintain safe operations, and we pursue the course of highest integrity in our business operations in accordance with our high ethical standards.

Employee lost-time injury rate (per 1 million hours)

The TonenGeneral Group believes that good health is essential for an engaged and effective workforce. In recognition of efforts implemented in accordance with this policy, the Group was selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a “Brand of Companies Enhancing Corporate Value through Health and Productivity Management (KENKO KEIEI Brand)”. The Group was the sole enterprise in Japan’s oil and coal sector selected for this honor. In addition, the Group was awarded the highest rating of “A”, as well as special recognition, by the Development Bank of Japan under its health management rating scheme. Our ratio of paid vacation taken in 2015 was 95.0%, an outstanding rate among companies in Japan.

2013 2014 2015
Paid vacation offered (days) 23.1 22.6 22.5
Paid vacation taken (days) 21.8 21.0 21.4
Ratio of paid vacation taken (%) 94.4 92.6 95.0

Feature 2Optimization processes, from crude oil import to product sales

The TonenGeneral Group imports crude oils and feedstocks from many regions, including the Middle East, Russia, West Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. At our four refineries in Japan, we efficiently produce a wide range of petroleum and petrochemical products, which we also sell. We are also making strong efforts in product export, supplying more than 10% of Australia’s oil product imports. We apply the most advanced skills in our optimization processes for crude oil procurement; refining and production; and sales.

Feature 3World-class Refineries

The TonenGeneral Group has consistently led the industry in energy conservation activities by implementing advanced initiatives at its refineries and petrochemical plant. As a result, we have continuously maintained our refinery unit energy consumption at the best levels in the industry. In June 2016, three TonenGeneral Group companies, including TonenGeneral Sekiyu K.K., Kyokuto Petroleum Industries, Ltd. (acquired in an absorption-type merger on July 1, 2015), and Tonen Chemical Corporation, were recognized in a report covering FY2015 issued by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Agency for Natural Resources and Energy for having achieved the government’s energy benchmarks, indicators used to determine the degree of advancement of business operators’ energy conservation initiatives pursuant to the Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy (Energy Conservation Law). The promotion of the Group’s energy conservation activities has contributed greatly to the reduction of CO2 emissions and other effects on the environment.

Change in refinery unit energy consumption* *Refinery unit energy consumption = oil equivalent consumption volume (kl) per CDU equivalent throughput.

Feature 4Product sales under the Esso, Mobil and General brands

The TonenGeneral Group sells petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel, and other fuel oils; industrial and wholesales products; and aviation and marine fuels, under the Esso, Mobil and General brands. Our network of Express self-service stations numbers more than 1100 sites, and the number of Seven-Eleven alliance sites has reached over 120.

Feature 5Supplying lubricants and specialties using world-class technologies

The TonenGeneral Group supplies Mobil 1™, a synthetic motor oil, along with a variety of other lubricants for automotive, industrial, aviation and marine applications to meet customer needs. We are involved with major Japanese auto manufacturers in the joint development of next-generation products and the supply of their genuine engine oils.

Feature 6Integrated operation of our oil refineries and petrochemical plant

The TonenGeneral Group has a competitive edge based on the integrated operation of our oil refineries and petrochemical plant. We leverage the resulting synergies to provide both the domestic and international markets with a stable supply of competitive basic chemicals (olefins and aromatics). We sell methyl ethyl ketone, a high-grade solvent, as well as fluids marketed under the T-SOL brand, and hydrocarbon resins under the T-REZ brand. NUC Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the TonenGeneral Group, is a specialized manufacturer of polyethylene resin, with an unrivaled capability for consistently developing superior-grade products used in power cable insulation.

Esso Mobil General

TonenGeneral Group History

The TonenGeneral Group has developed a corporate culture that emphasizes rationalization, has incorporated a number of management systems into its organization. This can be attributed to a combination of our past affiliation with US-based global companies, and our Japanese heritage as shown below.

1893Commencement of operations in Japan

Vacuum Oil and Socony (Standard Oil of New York) established their Japan branches in Yokohama in 1893, and later evolved into Mobil Sekiyu and Esso Sekiyu. Toa Nenryo Kogyo (later Tonen), an oil refining company, was established in 1939, and General Bussan (later General Sekiyu) was created with the dissolution of Mitsui & Co. and the independence of its fuel division. With the fast-paced growth of Japan’s economy and the energy shift from coal to oil, these four companies, Mobil Sekiyu, Esso Sekiyu, Tonen, and General Sekiyu rapidly expanded their businesses until the oil crises of 1973 and 1979.

2000Establishment of the ExxonMobil Japan Group

In 1999, major US oil companies Exxon Corporation and Mobil Corporation merged, and their affiliates in Japan were restructured accordingly. In July 2000, Tonen (Exxon and Mobil: 25% ownership each) and General Sekiyu (Exxon: 50.1% ownership) merged to established TonenGeneral Sekiyu (ExxonMobil: 50.02% ownership). TonenGeneral Sekiyu, Mobil Sekiyu (Mobil: 100% ownership) and Esso Sekiyu (Exxon: 100% ownership) then formed the ExxonMobil Japan Group.

2012Reorganization as the TonenGeneral Group

In 2012, the TonenGeneral Group was created with TonenGeneral Sekiyu at its center, effectively integrating production and sales. Our group fully utilizes the world-leading technology and expertise we have acquired over our history of 120 years to bring the best to our customers in Japan.

2016Execution of business integration agreement and other agreements with JX Holdings, Inc.

In August 2016, TonenGeneral Sekiyu executed a business integration agreement and other agreements with JX Holdings, Inc. The business integration is subject to approval at the general meetings of shareholders of both companies, the approval of the relevant governmental authorities, and other conditions.