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Corporate Philosophy Promotional Video

In this video, we introduce our slogan, “Think deeply. Shape the future.”, an expression of our committed action and corporate philosophy. We also present our solutions, which contribute to a brighter future.

Promotional Video

This video shows how the TonenGeneral Group helps to enrich the lives of customers by providing a stable supply of energy through the supply chain, from crude oil import to product sales, and the efforts of the people working diligently in all phases of our operations.


Think deeply. Shape the future.We take pride in all we’ve done for today’s energy supply in Japan.Where can we go from here to contribute to an even brighter future?Thinking deeply, fueled by our commitment, we are mobilizing our unique capabilities to offer unique solutions for tomorrow.Shaping the future ? the TonenGeneral Group.

Graphics created in conjunction with the establishment of the TonenGeneral Group Corporate Philosophy

The sun’s rays, symbolizing the future, express our determination to shape the future, while the three upward-sweeping arrows represent three types of solutions: energy solutions to support day-to-day life, product solutions for the creation of new value, and process solutions for optimization to enhance your life and business.